Grab the tissues, you’re going to need them.

If you follow Gladys on social media, like Instagram or Facebook (thank you, by the way) you would know that we recently ran a campaign for our fans to win a Gladys Mack Gift Box for their mother on Mother’s Day. The conditions of entry were simple, just sign up to our newsletter and tell us why your mama is the best.

What happened next I wasn’t ready for. I was ready for people to enter – I mean I ran a Valentine’s Giveaway earlier this year and was flooded with entries – but I wasn’t ready for the moving responses I would receive about the profound love and respect you had for the women you call your mothers.

Of course I had a few funnies, I love those. A few rhymes too. But they were also so meaningful.

When trawling through the entries I read every single one. Down to the letter. This time I read them at least 4 times. Most people wrote a significant amount too, I don’t agree with trying to cram an answer into 25 words or less, I believe if you’ve got something to say you can go on and say it with as many words as you’d like. Gladys is good like that.

Words used throughout the entries like kind, caring, strong, warm, beautiful, inspiration, homemade, gorgeous, encouraged, supported, whole heart, unconditional love, role model, sister, practical, clever, accepting, creative, positive, confidant, selfless, limitless, forever love…I could go on. If you read all of these words, you’ll see why I was so inspired.

Not everybody who entered wrote about their mothers, some people wrote about women who they felt were like a mother, one response ‘she took us into her heart and treated us like her own’ a woman who has sacrificed for a child although they didn’t have an obligation.

So many women have sacrificed a lot for their families and these women have been an inspiration not only to you and your family but to anyone who has a relationship with them.

Women who have cared for the sick, cared for the poor, taught you, dressed you, spoiled you, are always willing to help, shown you how to love, given you what you need, does all the little things and given life.

It was a really difficult decision on picking a winner, to be honest all entries were so beautiful to read. Thank you all for entering if I could treat all your Mama’s to a Gladys Mack gift box I would, honestly they all deserve it.

Oh and if you’re reading this and you’re wondering why you didn’t enter, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date on our giveaway campaigns.