It’s just a bean.

How has coffee become such an essential part of our lives? It’s just a bean. A powerful, more-ish and tasty bean. But just a bean. Traditional espresso, caramel latte, soy, skim, decaf, piccolo, macchiato, cappuccino, we have so many tasty choices it’s hard not to like. And of course its got a perk, it’s called caffeine.

The obvious reasons why we like coffee so much.


The pick me up. 

Your brain is the source of concentration and creativity. When you’re feeling sleepy in the early morning, it means your brain is not yet prepared for the day much like how you feel when you’ve had your face planted in a laptop for 5 hours straight – don’t we all know that feeling. If you drink coffee during these times, you will certainly see the difference. Studies have revealed that when people drink coffee, there is a certain percentage of increased productivity, a pick me up.

It tastes good. 

The taste of coffee has always been loved, by most people. It’s not for everyone, like most things. But that bitter, and sometimes sweet taste of coffee in the morning is something I just love. And when you’ve got a taste for it you can start to tell the difference between beans, blends and brews.

The smell. 

Freshly brewed coffee bliss. People, even your non-coffee drinking pals like the smell of coffee. I had a friend once who never drank a cup, she would love to just sit in a coffee shop and smell the fresh brew – something in the air.

The not so obvious reasons why we like coffee so much.


It can relieve headaches. 

It’s a little like you say potato and I say potarto – some say coffee can relieve migraines and others say it causes headaches. But basically when you have a headache which is a side-effect from stress if you drink coffee stress may be released and relieving you from your headache.

So I guess you’ll have to try it and see what works for you.

Helps with weight-loss. 

It’s an obvious fact that caffeine is used in a lot of weight-loss pills. I didn’t know that for instance black coffee stimulates your metabolism and increased energy levels that actually suppress the hunger. And when you’re energised your more likely to keep moving and in turn lose more weight. There’s a tonne of studies that show the coffee bean has helped many people lose weight, there’s even a hilarious Wikihow page with pictures if you’re interested.

It’s good for your health, well kinda. 

There are numerous studies that show coffee can reduce the chance of type 2 Diabetes, has loads of antioxidants and can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Great!

But… there’s always a but. You need to drink it in moderation, like anything really, if you suffer from anxiety or heart conditions you probably shouldn’t drink it at all. There’s still a bit to go before we can officially call our favourite drink ‘good for you’ so just keep it under 2-3 cups per day.

We’re currently stocking local White Horse Coffee in our Take Some Downtime Gift Box, and it’s absolutely one of my favs and the coffee’s pretty good too. *wink*