What are you grateful for?

Practicing the art of gratitude is something we generally don’t think about in business. Gratitude is often thought of something in our personal life, at home with the children or our better half. As you all know a positive company culture can boost productivity for yourself and for your team and one way to achieve that is to focus on gratitude in your business.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post “stop and smell the roses” it’s true, a lot of people in business have good intentions however just forget to take the time to be thankful for what they have and what they’ve achieved. Focusing on gratitude can improve our physical and emotional health meaning we can be more productive and lead a more productive team.

So how can you really practice gratitude in your business?

Take your employees out for one on one time to talk about them.

When you get a chance to spend time with your employees, one on one, and talk just about them, you’ll be surprised the camaraderie it can build in your relationship. In a past life I managed a fun team of young go-getters, one day they are jumping from the roof with joy and the next down in the dumps. In a growing business you always have your ups and downs. It’s important to stay connected. Point out the things that you have achieved as a team and those they have achieved individually. We can get caught up on moving forward and forgetting about those little achievements that got them where they are today, reminding them to be grateful for the steps they’ve made to get there. From the Trainee to the CEO, one on one time is valuable.

Journal your challenges and your wins.

It’s funny, Dear Diary, today I… that’s not what I mean. Since starting Gladys Mack, I’ve written a bullet point list with dates on key things that have happened in the business. It’s been fun to look back and go “WOW I can’t believe I struggled so much with that, it’s so easy now”. This has changed my perception on new challenges that I’m faced with and makes me feel grateful for the work that I’ve done thus far. You also get this warm fuzzy feeling about those challenges rather than being consumed with negative thoughts. Often overcoming a challenge will be your win. Journal it and reflect.

Handwritten thank you notes.

If you’ve read our Journal, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of a handwritten thank you note. Call it what you like, being grateful for your customers is the best way (in my opinion) to practice gratitude in your business. And it doesn’t have to only be to customers, it could be to suppliers and anyone who has helped you in your business to date. Schedule some time to write your notes and send out every week, you’ll never forget a moment that’s worth your thanks.

So what are you grateful for?