Giving gifts sometimes isn’t an easy task, particularly for those fortunate recipients that seem to have it all. Whilst we all aspire to be like Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation, the best gift giver ever, it doesn’t come that easy to most.

If we take a look at Leslie, every gift she’s ever given is well thought out, very thoughtful and often over the top creative – now most people unlike Leslie find it overwhelming to find the right gift that will make you feel good when giving and that the person receiving will actually want or appreciate.

We can all spend hours searching online terms like “gifts for her” or “gifts for him”, with thousands of results. But the art of giving is deeper than a quick Google search, and often you are more confused after the search than before you started.

So how to perfect the art of giving.

1. Remember important dates

There’s nothing worse than actually forgetting an anniversary or birthday. Facebook has certainly helped people to remember important dates, but being organised and not leaving it to the last minute (or after the day) will help. Put reminders in your iPhone calendar, or use an app to tell remind you.

2. Keep lists

When you’re spending time with the people you love, write down when they make a note of something they like or wanted. If you think back now to the times when you’ve been shopping or chatting with your loved one the opportunities you’ve missed just because you’ve simply forgotten.

You can also make notes about events they attend, like Dad going to a rock concert or Mum going for high tea with her friends. These are types of things they like, it will help you when it’s time to go gift shopping.

3. Pinterest

You can keep a pin board specifically for gifts. Every time you’re out shopping and see something you think your family or friends would like, take a photo and pin it to your gift board. You could even search for online sellers of that item and pin the direct link – so it’s easy to buy later. Overtime your pin board will be full of gift ideas you had forgotten about.

Check if your family or friends have a Pinterest account, you’d be surprised what you’ll find by simply searching through their pin boards.

4. The message on the card is important

Often people underestimate the card. The card is everything. It’s your opportunity to tell your family and friends how you really feel, how important they are to you and that you love them.

Card shopping can be awful, there is SO many to pick from. Remember its not what funny picture is on the front of the card, it’s the heartfelt message you’ve personally written to show someone you care.

So with a little planning, you can be the best gift giver like Leslie. The reason we give gifts is to show gratitude and appreciation for someone, make it count and be a better person for it.