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A discovery of Gifted Women

Relaxation Spa Gift Box

Our Relaxation Spa Gift Box meets Gifted Women. Just in time for Christmas, Britta and Tina a graphic design duo from The Luxe Co. have been working hard to put together their discovery of gifted women. With 18 years working in print with Australia’s best known magazines they wanted to use these skills to showcase […]

Huh? Holiday gift giving tips for business, in June?

Gladys Mack - Holiday Gift Giving June (1)

It’s June, seriously. Christmas couldn’t come around any faster. I swear the world turns twice as fast as it used to¬†as I’m getting older. But this post isn’t about what client gifts you should give at Christmas time, well it is, but it’s also about why you shouldn’t give them at Christmas time. I have […]