As we ascend into Autumn, the days are getting shorter so there’s no better time to take a fresh look at your weekly routine. Sundays are traditionally a day for family and friends, breakfast in bed and sleep-in’s. It’s no secret that successful people have their Sunday rituals, it’s as simple as taking a few moments out of your day to set up your week to take the pressure off the mayhem of your work days.

Sundays are a day to make the most of. We all like a lie in on a Sunday which can quickly turn into an afternoon, to make the most out of your day plan out what you’d like to get done and let it become a good habit you stick to. That could include a particular activity with the family or a grocery shop for the week. Making sure you’re out of bed and into those tasks (yes, I just wrote the word task for a Sunday what am I thinking…. read on) well before lunch time.

That way you’ll avoid running around at 6pm trying to find something for dinner, then realise it’s Monday and you won’t have time to do a proper grocery shop. Next thing you’ve ordered takeaway 4 nights in a row and that week was a write off. It escalates that quickly.

Get the ‘tasks’ done early. So as I was saying, if you can get those Sunday tasks (which I’ll now call habits) done in the morning it leaves the afternoon for a cup of tea with your neighbour, take the kids to the movies or relaxing walk to the beach with the dogs. It’s your time then. If you’ve worked through your new Sunday habits early you won’t be worrying about the things you haven’t done, so you can really enjoy that time.

Personally I like to take time preparing to cook a roast, it’s a thing for me, I still love my Sunday roasts. During the week there is no way I would attempt a decent roast, I mean with all the frills. I make so much mess in the kitchen it’s like a cyclone went through the saucepan draw.

Get a groove on at night. Catch up on Netflix? More like take advantage of some quiet time to catch up on your personal emails the ones you skim during the week, perhaps call your Mum you know she’d love a chat and then check your diary for the week. Whilst I know it’s still the weekend, you’ll be relieved that your not waking up to a surprise meeting you forgot you had first thing on Monday morning.