On our journal we constantly talk about how we live our lives at such a fast pace and how it’s important to slow it down. Slow living is a lifestyle, not just a pace and we’re dedicating this first issue of our Good Living email series to all things slow.

While there are many things we can do to slow down and feel wonderful, the real key to living at a slower pace is being able to have enough time to be self-aware. Our lives are made up of thousands of moving things around us, which of course cloud our consciousness and ask us to make too many decisions every single minute of the day. So just being aware of that fact means we can try to think about what we’re doing before making any decisions.

These decisions are our lives. Where we choose to shop, how many coffees we choose to have a day, what car we choose to drive – if we choose drive at all or choose get the bus. We can have a better lifestyle if we can take our time to make these decisions, when we’re able to think about what impact those decisions will have on ourselves, the world and the people around us.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “slow concept” trend and of course idea of slowing down  our pace sounds wonderful however the slow movement is more than just about how fast we’re going, it’s an acronym SLOW that stands for Sustainable, Local, Organic and Whole.

The basis of slow living is the idea of taking a step back. We need time to make conscious decisions about the products we buy and consume, for example are they recyclable, will they last for a long time, will they go out of fashion, were they ethically made, did they harm animals, is it good for me, am I supporting a cause?

Are taking enough time to make decisions that connect us with the present moment and what we believe in?  Something to remember. 🙂

Inspiration: Slow Your Home (Podcast)

To follow on about slow, have you met, seen, heard of the true master of slow living Brooke McAlary? Brooke is the creator and host of The Slow Home Podcast and Slow Your Home blog, and she’s Australian too. Brooke began her slow journey after suffering from severe post-natal depression she embarked on cutting the clutter and reconnecting with what is important in her life.

With now over 200 podcasts there’s answers to just about any question on this very topic, Brooke shows us the way with specific answers like how to slow down with social media (is that even possible?) and how to make eco-changes, simplify things and let go over time. And she’s not afraid to address the hard questions too with most podcasts addressing listener questions. We can learn a thing or two here, thanks Brooke.