My mouth is literally watering.

So your anniversary is coming up, lucky you, a night out on the town I hope. I’ve rustled up some fab restaurants in our major cities to help you celebrate your anniversary the way you should – with delicious food, a little romance and of course a big glass of wine. (oh, and a Gladys Mack gift with any luck)

Anniversary’s are an occasion that are easy to brush over, especially when you’ve been together for a long time. I know we rarely get out on the actual day, but we try. Remember your wedding day, or the day you first became ‘exclusive’ they are days you should never forget, and you know every year that goes past and you’ve worked on your relationship that little bit harder so it’s truely worth celebrating.

Bennelong Restaurant, Sydney

What could be any more romantic than dining under the sails of the Opera House? Need I say more. Ok I’ll say more. Executive Chef Peter Gilmore, yes the Chef from Quay, known for his Snow Egg dessert on Masterchef (well that’s how I remember him). He’s wearing the one white apron behind the Bennelong Restaurant, but without the Quay price tag. Enjoy Australian cuisine, with plenty of seafood whilst gazing at the architectural maze around you.


Libertine, Brisbane

Keeping on the French theme only with a twist, Libertine is a fusion of French-Vietnamese. Situated in the heritage listed Barracks building on Petrie Terrace with chandeliers, golf leaf embellishments and decadent floral wallpapers you know you’ve hit romance.

Enjoy a shared meal by opting for a more casual street food experience or upscale to larger share plates. If you’re feeling peckish you could go for the Banquet Menu, then couple that with matching wines.

Grossi Florentino, Melbourne

Chivalry is not dead. Well not at Grossi Florentino. Originally this Italian restaurant opened in 1928, whilst the decor is not quite that dated you definitely get a sense of it’s history. You’ve got the options here to scale up to the most well-to-do experience by booking Upstairs, or scale down to a more relaxed Tuscan style at The Grill or perhaps hang at the Cellar Bar for a good Italian wine.

Of course you’ll be able to devour all your favourite classic Italian meals, depending on where you dine in the restaurant will depend on how complex the menu is. But if you’re going for romance, it is your anniversary after all, Upstairs is timeless. You’ll be surrounded by murals commissioned in 1933 to create the ‘dining triology’ – good food, good wine and a visual incentive to encourage conversation. Sometimes we just need a little helping hand.

I’ll be sure to be sending this post, in a quick email, to my someone who I know needs a little help when it comes to our anniversary. Be sure you do too.