Mind, Body & Soul Bundle Gift Box


Dwell in possibilities. – Emily Dickinson

A bundled collection of spiritual must-haves for that self-care session to sooth the mind, body and the soul. Cleanse the air with palo santo and brass resting plate, lift the aura with a shiny quartz geode and take that long bath in a remedial dip and touch the soul with biodynamic chocolate from Zenbunni, LA.

Addition Studio River Stone Bath Brew; Bath Brew is a giant tea bag for the bath, used as a remedial & relaxing bath soak. Ingredients include Olive Green Australia Clay, Tea Tree, Mineral Salts, Rosemary & Fennel Seed.

Fog Linen Work Brass Dish; An essential and shiny piece for the home, a catch-all tray with versatile uses like a rest for your smudging rituals.

Palo Santo; Mystical and magical all natural wood incense provides a warm and delicately sweet aroma when burnt as a cleanse around the home.

Zenbunni Biodynamic Chocolates; Straight from LA, Zenbunni produce their chocolate using ingredients from biodynamic farming methods with their cacao being infused with medicinal plants, minerals, oils and spices. Raw food with super powers.

Quartz Geode; Adding a touch of glitz to this gift box, white quartz geode is the master of healing stones for balance, energy and provides a boost to emotional wellbeing.

All Gladys Mack Gift Boxes come in our Signature Timber Box with an inspirational quote, menu card and special note written by you.

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