Australian Beauty Gift Box


Dwell in possibilities. – Emily Dickinson

The texture and warmth of our Australian land, what could be more beautiful? This has been our inspiration for our new Australian Beauty Gift Box designed for wellbeing and a feeling of self-worth. Organic woody earth tones coupled with the purest of whites and brushed brass hues make for an uplifting and decadent gifting experience. An ode to the land we live, the bush scents we breath and the sands we feel between our toes.

Addition Studio Australian Native Treatment Set; This set is designed to detox, relax and rejuvenate including Native Australian Body Scrub, Native Australian Bath Soak and to complete a Clay Mask Brush and Glass Dish made from Australian Olive Green Clay, a powerful face mask to rebalance oil levels and aid skin repair.

Addition Studio Australian Native Incense; Throwing a purifying scent of Eucalyptus and Acacia this incense captures the woody earth tones of the Australian bush.

Thou Art Lovely White Linen Scarf; Timeless yet modern, this fine pure flax linen scarf provides a beautiful textured fashion go-to, handmade for Gladys Mack.

Fog Linen Work Brass Dish; An essential and shiny piece for the home, a catch-all tray with versatile uses like a rest for our Japanese incense holder

Japanese Brass Ball Incense Holder & Linen Pouch; A delicate and beautiful object for the home, this Japanese inspired brass ball incense holder comes in it’s own white linen pouch.

Quartz Geode; Adding a touch of glitz to this gift box, white quartz geode is the master of healing stones for balance, energy and provides a boost to emotional wellbeing.

All Gladys Mack Gift Boxes come in our Signature Timber Box with an inspirational quote, menu card and special note written by you.

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