We’re super lucky! The Subtle Mummy approves.

With the launch of our new Welcome Baby gift box range, we asked the wonderful Zoe George from The Subtle Mummy what she thought. If you don’t know Zoe, she’s a mummy blogger from Melbourne and she’s as subtle as a brick in the face! Haha. She makes us laugh pretty much every day with her stories of being an awesome Mum / super woman.

I’ve copied and pasted her review for you all the read here, however you can see her original review on her website www.thesubtlemummy.com or go and find her on social media here Facebook or Instagram

“You know the feeling…? Your best friend, sister, cousin, wife, etc. has just had a baby and you are so overwhelmed with emotions you want to give them a gift that really stands out. Everyone is going to take or send flowers but you are more clever than that, you are taking a ‘Welcome Baby Gift Box’ from Gladys Mack that you purchased and kept aside. You’ve been patiently waiting for the call to say that the baby had arrived, so you can take it to her, because it’s so amazing and you just know she’s going to love it. You are smart… but you already knew that.

I have been loving on Gladys Mack since I received one of their gorgeous wooden crates last year as a gift. I have saved the gorgeous timber crate it came in, and currently store my tea light candles in there. Every time I open that cupboard I see it and remember the gorgeous items I received, that are now scattered through my house in various styling arrangements. My point is, flowers are gorgeous but they die, and as a mother I can honestly say there aren’t many things you receive in the first few months of having a baby, that you keep, as they grow so fast and out-grow everything.

The Welcome Baby Gift Box is a compilation of keepsake items, clothing and product, that have been thoughtfully selected to make a quality gift any new mum will go gaga over. It’s very easy to see how each item in the box has been carefully hand-picked and not items you would commonly find or be gifted. Best of all it’s not a tacky 4 foot disposable nappy cake, with blue or pink shiny ribbon and pacifiers or teddy bears poking out the top AND a “It’s a BOY” balloon, which is totally someones jam, just not mine. Here is what you will find inside:

‘Fog Linen Work’ Cotton Romper. The gorgeous unisex beige colour emits a Scandinavian/minimalist feel, with a cross over wrap front. This meaning they are nice and comfortable on their first days here on earth, with nothing pressing on their tiny little belly as they spend time chest-to-chest with mum. Cotton being the best thing for their sensitive new skin and breathable organic fibres. The perfect basic onesie.

Organic Wooden Teether. Not only used in teething stages, this cute wooden teether would make for a perfect grasping toy when baby is learning hand-eye coordination and how to grip/hold things, all such important milestones. You can take comfort in knowing baby won’t be putting any toxic plastic toys into their mouth, as it is made from eco-beech wood and completely non-toxic and safe.

‘Fog Linen Work’ Brass dish. This is one of my favourite items in the box and was the first thing to catch my eye as I opened it. This brass dish is the ultimate decor accessory for any nursery and so on trend at the moment. It can be used for a special pacifier, bows or your baby’s first jewellery items, even your gorgeous new wooden bird teether. If I’m being honest, I think it would look best on the gorgeous mums’ bed-side table. Perfect for her rings or that diamond earrings push present she received.

The Aromatherapy Co. Baby Hair & Body Wash. Any mother will tell you the feeling of packing away those size 0-3 months baby clothes and the tears they shed as they inhale the smell of their baby on those clothes. There is no smell in the world that compares to the smell of your newborn baby and they smell this great because of products like these. This divine hair and body wash has a subtle smell of lavender essential oil and Manuka honey, and serves as a great natural alternative to harsh soaps on their delicate skin. Warning* you may not be able to resist devouring your child.

Flatout Bear. Lastly there is this gorgeous little Australian sheepskin bear that I want to buy in bulk and send to all of my friends overseas as it is just adorable! Definitely another keepsake that can be passed on in the generations to come and hopefully still smelling of newborn lavender and Manuka honey baby smell. Flatout bear makes for a sweet little comforter for baby, and meets all Australian children’s toy safety requirements (ribbon must be removed), as well as helping Cambodian children.

All of this, carefully assembled in the signature Gladys Mack keepsake timber boxes, with a custom handwritten note on the label, some gorgeous dried wildflowers inside the box and a beautiful quote card, for those extra special little touches that you would never expect yet make a world of difference.

Thanks for reading, and helping me support local small business’, owned and run by amazing women. -Zoe xoxo”