Snail mail never left.

Marketing is all about telling people about why they should come to you and not someone else for that something that you’re selling. Wow that’s a mouthful.

Leads, customers, pipelines, funnels combined with tweets, push notifications, fan pages it all just gets a bit too much. Whatever happened to junk mail, personally I didn’t mind reading through the specials of stores that I liked to shop at?

And I remember I used to get a voucher on my birthday from the video shop (yes I bet you haven’t heard those words for a while), I went to the video shop all the time so I actually used it. I didn’t get an email with the voucher, I actually got a tangible voucher in the mail I could feel and touch. Made me feel special.

Somewhere amongst the e-newsletters and touching base emails you should be sending are real people, who have birthdays, like shopping at your store or using your services.

Resurrect traditional marketing strategies that were actually good for your business, I’m not talking about door to door sales or telemarketers either, please let’s leave them in 1995. Here I’ll pay tribute to offline marketing strategies that actually work and do some good.

Local Print Publications

Print is not dead, especially in local communities, often local print is loved in a small town. People from a small community want to support businesses, these smaller publications provide people with a directory of businesses they can support and feel like they’re giving back. In the world of Google, unfortunately local search isn’t always best mostly because so called SEO experts have somehow got an irrelevant area based business to show in the search results. e.g. if I search plumber Bulli, I somehow get plumbers from Sydney and even Queensland show up in my search. But I really wanted a list of local plumbers in Bulli. So it’s easier for me to look at my local 2515 Magazine and find information there.

Sorry Google you’ve still got some work to do.

Speak at Events

Show people who you really are and what you’re good at by using your expertise to speak at an event. Not a good public speaker, far enough, just go to the events. Introducing yourself and networking can open doors to opportunities you would never have had unless you got out from behind that computer.

Send Mail

I love mail. I never get enough of it. Well the only mail I get really is bills I haven’t yet changed to email bills. But I’m not saying send a marketing brochure unless it’s something worthwhile reading. I’m saying a handwritten note goes a long way. You want a high open rate, send it via the post.

Celebrate Success

Sharing your successful moments with others around you creates a buzz that feels so good. Have a party when you have something to celebrate and invite your customers to join in, ask them to bring a friend and invite other people from your community. Building relationships that invite people in, will attract more people to want to be part of the something you’re creating.


Whilst trade shows are a room often full of your competitors, they are also a room full of your potential customers. Get smart with your trade stand, you don’t need to go big to be noticed. Being there face to face with people you get the opportunity to market your business to people who really want to know about it. Think about your trade show prize, it’s always a good excuse for a conversation make it one they want to enter, collect your leads and you’re away.

Looking for an awesome tradeshow gift? Gladys can help. 

Mixing up your online with your offline marketing efforts will give you the best results. I mean these offline marketing campaigns will give you some really good content to post about your business on social media AND you get to speak to real people in real life! Cheers to that!

Image Credit: Papel & Co.