Man! This has taken some time to get off the ground, but isn’t it fantastic. Finally, we’re open for business and can’t wait to get these gift boxes in someone’s lucky hot little hand.

So, it’s been twelve (yes I said twelve) months in the making, we’ve taken our time so we can do it right and focus on every little detail so you give the best gift box when you buy from Gladys Mack.

We don’t sell gift hampers or gift baskets, we sell gift boxes. Yes, there’s a difference.

Here’s a little bit about the concept…

We’re a gift box company. (I think I said that already)

Using only the finest artisan products we carefully curate each gift box with crafted presentation and delicate finishing touches, this provides thought behind every gift box we make and every gift box you give.

We believe to truly master the art of giving gifts need to be meaningful, they need to enhance relationships and create momentous memories. It’s about the emotions you feel when you give that connects people, shows gratitude and leaves a lasting impression.

Our philosophy is to use a collective of products sourced from like minded makers and craftsmen, products that are handcrafted and produced on a small scale. We are drawn to organic, handmade and natural products, that are ethically produced and beautifully packaged.

Working with all types of people from husband’s who just need a little help to executives who show their gratitude on a large scale, our team work one-on-one to ensure a personal approach to your Gladys Mack experience.

Anna Heyligers, (that’s me) Founder of Gladys Mack, working in corporate for many years was tired of boring gift hampers. Gift hampers that are mass-produced – “they just have no soul” – left you with a nil-sum feeling, it’s not something you really want to give, nor really want to receive but with very few options as an alternative there was no choice with limited time to source, so Gladys Mack was born.

We’ve spent a lot of time working with local artisans to ensure we provide the finest products in our gift box. This involved trialling 67 different products, chatting with 98 different makers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA, 1 exclusively made product, 24 pin boards and over 1,000 pins alone just on product and design for the gift boxes. And that’s just to get this baby off the ground!

Every detail matters from the handmade wooden box by Tony at Huddle & Co. to the Bahen & Co. chocolate tried and tested by moi (umm, that was soooo difficult *sarcastic tone), professional photography by the lovely Louise Wellington and the words we use to tell you about the important details behind our products.

Our gifts are made to inspire. Every gift box comes with a Gladys Mack menu describing every product so the people who receive our gifts know the detail behind every product, coupled with an inspirational quote to spark emotion.

We’re saying all this so you know if you buy a Gladys Mack gift box, we’ve done the hard work for you. No, sorry it’s not cheap, its hard to put a price on handmade. We want you to give refined and indulgent gifts, a gift that means something, that was handmade and something someone will appreciate. Something that makes you feel good when gifting!

We put the soul back into gifting.