Straight from the horse’s mouth. There’s a common thread.

I’m taking the guessing out of the game for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for new Mama’s. I’ve had a quick chat to three new Mum’s, that I love and adore, who gave me the inside goss on what they REALLY want for Mother’s Day.

Sarah // Mum of three, the latest is little baby Mia who’s 7 months.

Ummm, that’s a really hard question. It’s always nice to have the extraordinary cards and gifts made by little hands at preschool and seeing the look of pride on their little faces when they give it to me is priceless. Note: Nath (husband) does make a huge effort to makes sure I have a nice day too with outings and gifts.

My kids are so little still and with Mia being only 7 months old it’s more the simple things I crave right now like sleep. The ability to sleep in and not be woken up at a ridiculous hour is no more than a dream right now. I would love instead perhaps just a few hours to recharge with a trip to get a massage or facial and just have some ‘me’ time. It would be a nice way to say ‘we appreciate everything you do’. Seriously, is it Mother’s Day yet?

Danielle // Mum of four including the new twinsies Hazel & Poppy only 5 days old… pregnant at the time of writing.

Hmmmmm ok so pamper items and treats all the way I reckon. Aaallll the things you wouldn’t have/do unless it was gifted.

I love vouchers that mean I get a “day off” being a Mum. Whether it’s by myself, a date night set up, or a day out with a girlfriend…. I just want “time off” ? So gig tickets, experience vouchers… that sort of thing is the sh*t for me ??

Every mum likes wine, chocolate etc ect. In saying that, beauty care/products is what gets left behind in motherhood, so maybe other beauty/pamper/luxury items… Do people still bath bomb?!? Is that still a thing?? I dunno… I don’t even fit in my bath anymore. ? (See note above)

Kelly // Josh and a bun in the oven, due literally any day now.

I would LOVE a huge glass of red, a pedicure and a place to hide out uninterrupted for a few hours. ?

Simple, yet effective.

So, Dad’s take note. You’ve got the perfect gift on a platter, sifting through the words you’ll see there’s a fairly common thread. You can thank me later. *wink*