Buying Dad a gift for Father’s day tends to be tough, Dad’s and men in general seem to be on another planet when it comes to gifting, well that’s what it feels like (coming from a woman, of course). Does he want a Bunnings gift voucher, or does he want a footy season pass, maybe a new hose or socks, socks are a great staple right? But you feel like you buy him the same thing every year and that just gets boring.

So why are men so hard to buy gifts for? Is it because they are happy with what they’ve got and just content with life? Or is it because they aren’t as emotional as women (or don’t show it) so you never really know if they liked the gift or not – it’s hard to read the signs.

A bit like men are from mars and women are from venus.

You ask them what they’d like, and you get either a grunt, or nothing hunny, or something outrageous that is completely out of budget. So what do you do? Well if you’re like me you usually buy them something you like, but something you think they’d like too. There’s nothing worst than buying him a shirt you like and he only wears it under duress.

It really depends on how close you are to the guy, if it’s your husband say, you’d probably have a great idea what he’d like. But if it’s your Dad, nephew tween or even worse your father in law! That gets a lot harder…

They don’t always want tools and footy passes, usually if they want those things they’ll go out and buy them. Gift vouchers start to get boring, and there’s only so many ‘experiences’ you can send them on before they’ve rock climbed every affordable experience.

Sometimes men just want something nice, something they wouldn’t buy themselves. When it comes to gifting the best gifts are those that draw emotion, that mean something. Like framing that photo of you and Dad fishing when you were a kid, or finding an old cricket bat that resembles one he used to play with when he was young. Spark the memory of the good times to create new ones.

Remember everybody wants to be loved and valued, so when you’re looking for a gift for your Dad this Fathers Day sometimes the best gift of all is YOU.