Chocolate is her romance.

With the launch of our new Let’s Celebrate Gift Box I introduce you to the mouth-watering and mysterious Ms Peacock Fine Chocolates.

Ms Peacock, a pastry chef and chocolatier and better known as your alter ego; the chocaholic in all of us.

Her chocolates are divine, some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Probably because they’re made with the best ingredients and fine recipes that highlight the flavours of the chocolate.

The packaging can I add is shiny and beautiful, in a matte black box with copper details, inspired by the art deco era. This coupled with the artfully detailed chocolates makes for that of a special celebration.

As her website states… “With the exception of a handful of fiercely loyal people to whom she’s close, Ms Peacock’s identity is a mystery. There are only suspicions and whispers.”

I was lucky enough to nab an interview with the woman behind Ms Peacock, who shall remain nameless to protect her mystery.

What made you become a chocolatier?

I was always very passionate about cooking and in my late 20’s decided that I’d had enough of my corporate life and took time off to study commercial cookery full time. I moved onto patisserie and it was there I discovered chocolate making. I fell in love with the process, it’s quite romantic! Working for myself, there’s no limit to my creativity and I can make what I like, and that’s what you’ll find in the range, the things that I like to eat! 

Is there a story behind the name or brand Ms Peacock?

When I first thought of launching my chocolate business I was really keen on all of the brightly coloured chocolate creations that are so on trend these days. The name comes from the brightly coloured, beautiful and elegant bird the Peacock. But, on my journey I’ve discovered that what I truly love about chocolate is the flavour, the texture, the natural colours you get from different chocolates, I don’t want to hide any of that with lots of colours, it’s about the chocolate. I actually followed a different path and don’t use a lot of colour in my work, but the name stuck!  

What’s your chocolate ethos?

To use the best quality ingredients to produce the best chocolate and confectionery for YOU! “Best quality ingredients” or “Highest quality ingredients” is such a catch phrase these days but it’s something I live and breath at Ms Peacock. I often hear that it’s the best chocolate someone has ever tasted and they’ve never had anything like it. That’s the validation that the absolute best products that I can get my hands on are going into my creations to give you an experience unlike any other. 

What’s been your favourite chocolate concoction so far?

Was and still is my Desire Bar in my Trilogy Collection. Layers of caramel, orange and vanilla bean ganache and almond crunch brushed with French marmalade. It just works so well together, I could eat one every day! Followed closely by PSEUDO Snickers which sells out in a couple of days every time I stock the online store!

Where are you currently stocking?

My online store, and a handful of select stockists Gladys Mack, Mordialloc Florist in Melbourne, Highlands Merchant in the NSW Southern Highlands and Mandalay Flowers in Double Bay. 

What’s the future of Ms Peacock look like for you?

Our first retail store will be opening in July this year in the NSW Southern Highlands. With this, we’ll be launching a whole new range of individual chocolates, completing our Pseudo range and introducing panned products (chocolate coated nuts and fruits). It’s an exciting year! 

We’re currently stocking Ms Peacock Honeycomb Bites and Dark Chocolate Almond Roachers in our Let’s Celebrate Gift Box, indulgent and versatile favourites for all chocolate lovers.

Celebrate in style with Ms Peacock and Gladys Mack.