Who doesn’t love honey!? But you know what makes honey even better? Honey that helps bees! A couple of Beekeepers from Melbourne have made it their mission to not only help bees but help the environment.

Melbourne City Rooftop Honey are bringing bees back to the streets of Melbourne in an effort to save the honey bee. Their passion for sustainability has grown onto roof tops of cafe’s, hotels and everyday people’s gardens living in and around Melbourne.

Image by Reclaim The Curb

Vanessa with husband Mat in an article by Sendle, “at first, it was odd to see a couple of people in bee suits around the city. People thought we were pest control. Since then, people have really embraced local food produce and they’re interested in what we’re doing.” – Good on you Melbourne. But it seems that word has spread fast and  Australian’s are really taking to food created in other people’s backyard.

According to their website, bees travel 2-5 kms from their hive to collect pollen and nectar so they have hives spanning across Melbourne CBD and surrounds. With their collection and labelling system it’s even possible to buy honey by street location.

We supply 100% Raw Honey no additives or heat treatments, only mother natures all natural food straight from the hive.

But Vanessa and Mat aren’t on their own. This is a world wide initiative.

On the roof tops of iconic Parisian buildings, Opera Garnier, Notre Dame de Paris, Grand Palais buildings you’ll also find the urban beehive. Unfortunately ongoing pesticide practices continue to effect the bees in rural farming areas of France – bees may not seem overly important but pollination from bees is big business. This drove French Beekeepers to areas where there are laws to restrict the use of pesticides which has hugely helped the bee population.

In this clip, Audric, a passionate beekeeper for The Honey of Paris. Enjoys views of the Eiffel Tower with this Beagle. Imagine this view, finely made cheeses, Parisian honey and French Champagne (take me now!).

Even the corporates rub up close with their bee friends on roof tops of office blocks in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Brooklyn Grange operate an Apiary with over 30 naturally managed honey bee hives on roofs throughout NYC. Tea Gift Hamper


Gladys Mack has a passion for products that have soul, purpose and meaning. Businesses just like Rooftop Honey, that produce products that are good for the environment and taste good too. You’ll find a sample of the Rooftop Honey vials in our Organic Tea Time Gift Box which compliments perfectly a beautiful chai tea and other organic products within this down-to-earth gift box.