Have you met our delightful, yet stinky, curious, yet mischievous frenchies? Here’s their little story.

Meet Gina our resident gift giving pooch. I love french bulldogs, they truely are a hilarious breed. Constantly curious about everything, they really keep us on our toes.

Gina often comes to the gifting studio late at night keeping me company whilst I’m busy curating our new gift box range.

Gina Gift Giving Pooch

Gina (7) is an ex-breeder from Surry Hills she was our first. We met Gina through an ad online, she had already had two litters by the time she was 18 months. We adopted her at 2 years old. She is an absolute people person, doesn’t care to much for other dogs. It’s always all about her. Always. But like we have adopted her she has definitely adopted me as her person, never leaves my side (except for food and cats, in that order).

Gina rules the roost at our place, she’s boisterous and fun loving. She even knows how to give high-fives. A few years ago she had to have an operation on her ear, that’s why one flops down and one stands up, makes her cuter we reckon.

Gina Gift Giving Pooch

Now Pablo (5), he wasn’t feeling too well the day of the shoot from time to time on our Instagram feed. Here’s a little bit about him. He’s got a personality that packs a punch. With total attitude and definitely would’ve been the runt of the litter. We adopted Pablo from Paws Rescue, Pablo had been taken to the pound a number of times we think due to his behavioural issues. Paws were very selective with his new owner, they invested a lot of time and money to make sure Pablo got his issues in check so they wanted to make sure he wouldn’t end up back in the pound again.

Pablo thinks he’s as big as a Great Dane, but tough like a Rottweiler. He looks and acts tough on the outside, but really he is as sweet as sugar. We love him so much.

Gina Gift Giving Pooch

Relationships that people have with their dogs can be truely under-estimated. You hear amazing stories of how dogs can save lives, I would believe that. Gina & Pablo have been there for me when times are tough. They provide unconditional love – always. Dog lovers know what I’m talking about.

So if you’re wondering what to give your wife for her birthday? Think about adopting a dog. If you’ve got the time, space and good natured heart you will be well rewarded. Oh and of course why not throw in one of our birthday gifts to boot. (Yes, cheeky I know).

Our friend, Rachel at Furtographer is a pet photographer. Rach does amazing work for animal shelters capturing photos of animals that are available for adoption (she’s truely a saint to the animal kingdom). Rach captured these amazing images for us to keep and cherish.