Down to the very last thread.

At Gladys we’re passionate about the goods you give, down to the very last thread, so let’s take a look into linen.

You’ll find linen goods in different gift boxes throughout our store, notably our linen kitchen towels which have been handmade by the very talented Christine from Thou Art Lovely. We love linen because of so many reasons, it’s soft to touch, looks beautiful, has neutral hues and is good for the planet.

See our linen kitchen towels featured in Blissful Morning Gift Box and Blissful Morning Suite Gift Box.

Linen is a luxury fabric made from the fibres of the flax plant. Known to be one of the strongest plant fibres, two to three times stronger than cotton. This means that anything made from linen is durable, it lasts longer meaning you don’t need to replace it as often reducing our world’s consumption.

Image – Hale Mercantile Co.

It’s versatile. Linen is used to make table cloths, garments, window coverings, clothing, kitchen towels, aprons etc. Linen is known to be cool and fresh in hot weather making it a smart sheet choice for long hot Australian summers and shirts for European island hopping holidays.

Gets better with age. The more linen is used and washed the softer it gets, it’s hard to believe that something when used more can get better. It’s like wine gets better with age, linen gets better with use. About 5 washes in and it’ll feel like home.

Image – Artillerie Store

Stylish yet good for the planet. It’s hard to believe that one of the most stylish fabrics used in fashion history is the most biodegradable. When linen is untreated, e.g. not dyed, it’s fully biodegradable. It’s natural hues include ivory, ecru, tan and grey. It’s best to stick to these colours for the most environmentally friendly choice.

Get that crinkly worn look. Ok, so if you’re looking for an excuse not to iron, buy linen. People would say the opposite, but if you hang to dry just after it’s been washed it gives off a little crinkly worn look which no doubt you’ll have after a few hours of wearing any type of clothing. Just embrace it.


Gladys Mack Linen 3

Image – Horses Atelier

But why is it so expensive? To produce linen yarn is a laborious process, which means there are a lot of manual components involved to produce the product. It’s a higher priced commodity, and considered a luxury fabric. So when you’re gulping at the price of buying a beautiful linen sheet set just remember this post you can easily justify, the sheets are likely to last you over 25 years.

Featured Image – Hale Mercantile Co.