There’s some treasures you just want to keep forever.

A keepsake box or memory box is a bit like a time capsule. You put things in along life’s way and one day you open the box and you reminisce for hours over those times. Those little things that you just couldn’t throw away.

We’ve all got one of those places in the house like a bottom draw or filing cabinet keeping those things like wedding invitations, funny polaroid snaps, gig tickets or birthday cards. The little things you can’t bare to part with. They’re packed full of memories that just come back to you when you look at them, which usually happens when you’re digging through the draw looking for sticky tape.

Our gift boxes are good for more than one purpose they make a perfect keepsake box. They’re beautifully made locally here in Australia and build to last. They’re a great size for those little things that are usually big memories.

I had fun putting together some snaps to show you and reminiscing over my wedding polaroids. Time flies.


Gladys Mack - Keepsake Box 2

Gladys Mack - Keepsake Box 3

Gladys Mack - Keepsake Box 7

Gladys Mack - Keepsake Box 1

Gladys Mack - Keepsake Box 4

Gladys Mack - Keepsake Box 5