Giving isn’t always about a fun celebration.

At different moments gifts can mean more than you think. It’s not really about the gift itself – although Gladys does make an irresistible option – it’s more about the emotions or moments someone is going through in their life that make the timing of gifting important.

Probably 20% of our gift boxes have been given for those not-so-joyous occasions, I don’t want to make this a negative bring-you-down story but I do want to tell you I can only imagine how it must feel for those people who receive the heartfelt message and feel-good gift at times of sorrow or need. A gesture to show they are loved, when they truely need it most.

Today I wrote a card, I’m not sure if I should share the entire message because I feel it’s too personal, but it included words like “do what’s right” and “have the courage”. The older I get or maybe the more life I experience, the harder these types of personal messages hits home and I’m sure all of you can relate. It actually sometimes brings a tear to my eye because I know that someone is dealing with a tough situation in their life and that someone else cares about them so much they have sent such a beautiful message and gift to inspire, uplift and encourage. It’s times like this I know why I started a gifting business.

Which this leads me to the title of this post, “just because gifts can mean more than others”. Well these gifts aren’t “just because” that’s the term I’ve used for an anytime type of gift including those not-so-joyous occasions.

When someone you love is in a lot of pain, it’s hard to know what to do? Naturally our human reaction is to try and remove them from the situation they are in, whether a marriage, job or relationship you want to stop their pain because you care so much about them. Sometimes these are choices they need to make on their own, or they may be in a situation that can’t be changed like times of sorrow. Either way it’s hard. Just showing and letting them know you care maybe the boost they need to help them get through it in their own time.

Often it’s as I describe the “just because” gifts that truely do mean a lot more to someone you know.