Gift giving is something other than the thought. It’s the intention, the thought, the gift – the entire package. The perfect gifts are ones that directly think about the loved one, that is really when the thought counts.

I’m sure you have heard the saying “It’s the thought that counts” many times in the past when giving someone a gift or a card for a special day in their life. You know something like a birthday. I have many times even said this when receiving a gift for some reason.

It’s a no-no to tell somebody you don’t care for their gifts since the saying goes the thought counts, correct?

But what are your thoughts towards your gift giver who doesn’t tune in to what’s going on in your life, what you like or dislike, what you truly value? How frustrated are you when with an eagerness you unwrap your gift to see an ugly pair of socks, or when your spouse of four years decides his wife would love a broom for Valentine’s Day? (I hope this has never happened)

Considering you know your boyfriend will just about die for the complete collection of South Park, then why get him a tie? What worth would your girlfriend find in a lovely package of art supplies when she has zero interest in painting?

Gifts should not be valued at their price or size; it should be the thought. Many people don’t realise that if you put thought into a gift it, it is valued a lot more to the person that is receiving it. You can see this when someone gives you a gift card, or when someone asks you what you would like Christmas.

I mean if you give just a card to someone, how much thought did you put into it. Was it a very special card that you took the time to make yourself, or was it just another card you picked up at the store as a last minute gift because you almost forgot about them?

Sometimes the perfect gift isn’t one you got at a store. It’s what you can give from the heart. What can you give them that they really need? Did they break a leg skiing? Maybe you can mow the lawn for them or something else that needs to be done that they can’t do right now for whatever reason. In this case, it might not be a special day for them. But, they will know, you, took the time to think about them, before, you decided what to give them.

It’s the thought that counts.