If only it was that easy.

If you haven’t seen or read #Girlboss yet, this is a spoiler. So please stop reading now and enjoy the show. For those of you who have watched it, please go on.

Ok so this post is more for me than it is for you. Sorry. You might find something in here you can relate to, especially if you’ve ever started or worked in an e-commerce business.

Yeah, sure. Most e-commerce businesses particularly eBay stores start from home but in a studio apartment? If she did, which I’m sure is true – hats off to her. Between brown paper, sticky tape, postage boxes, stock boxes and mailing labels, it’s hard to breath. I didn’t actually see her standing in a post office line or packing an order – oh except for the returned wedding dress that part was good.

Product photography, it ain’t that easy. To get beautiful images that really show a product in it’s full glory you need to style the shot, use a real photographer preferably in a real studio. Photos in an unlit studio apartment on timer… people just demand more than that these days. And so they should.

Building a brand on social media, mmmm. Yes, MySpace. Before there was a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat… my mind blows every time I think about how many posts I should be posting, perfectly, on brand, every… single… day…

Finding a massive warehouse where you pay cash to some random, weirdo landlord, unlikely. If you’re in Sydney, a start up eBay store would be lucky if they could afford a car park, let alone a rundown warehouse.

Being cool all of the time. Sorry but sometimes I like to wear my runners with leggings and not the funky active wear ones either. #sorrynotsorry

Dumping your best friend when she’s worked for you for free. Really, did that really happen in their story. I hope not. That was a low point I’m hoping they made up for good TV.

Finding out your optimum domain name is taken by a porno site, yes, that seems realistic… always the way. (I’m actually not being sarcastic here, it’s easy to do)

Some things are realistic, like the frustrations when things aren’t going your way and you don’t know why. Or your boyfriend cheating on you, that happens. And going to all ends to make your customers happy, even if it means running across town with a wedding dress, yes that happens.

So I have to tell you before I finish up this post I haven’t read the book. I probably should have read it before I make too many wild statements here. But I have watched the show on Netflix and that’s what this post is based on.

I secretly have a girl crush on Sophia Amoruso, there’s no doubt she’s built an empire. And I know the business filed for bankruptcy etc. etc. but she got Nasty Gal Vintage from nothing to something and then some.

She gives us inspiration to keep posting those photos on Instagram and standing in that post office line, one day you too might be named by Business Insider as one of the sexiest CEO’s alive, I know I’d be happy with that.