It’s simple you just need to love them back. <3

If you’re already providing great products and great service it’s fairly easy to keep them onboard, but you don’t just want them to stay as fabulous clients. You want them to tell all their friends who could be fabulous clients too.

In business it’s easy to forget that clients are people too. They go home to their families, cook dinner, watch movies and live their lives. It’s easy for a business to think that their clients are just part of work, and not part of life.

The old saying about work-life-balance to me is not real. Life is life, we work as part of life. Which means the people you meet at work are just the same as the people you spend time with outside of work. And usually your clients are the people you spend the most time with, because you work so hard.

So why don’t we celebrate moments with our clients like we would with anyone else in our lives. I mean they are there when times are tough, even though you try so hard to hide those tough times. Perhaps if we celebrated more personal moments with our clients it might bring a new meaning to the term “business relationship management”.

Now you can go and buy them lunch at a restaurant or buy them tickets a sporting game. But when it comes down to it, they probably won’t remember that – it’s not memorable. But if you remember them on their birthday or just surprise them out of the blue with a gift – just because you appreciate their business – you create a new memory because it’s something special.

The gesture of remembering a client’s birthday may seem like an old hat sales tactic, but people are people and their birthday is special – you know that feeling on your birthday it’s not just any other day. We all get that feeling.

Gratitude makes us a nicer person. Being thankful for those client’s who believed in you when many others didn’t. That means something. Remember when you started out, you were confident that you could deliver in business but as the old entrepreneurial saying goes – no one believes you can do it until you’ve made it. Well that first client did, and the second and probably the 100th. You must be grateful for that. That first client that said yes! It was a beautiful thing.

In business, kindness is viral. It’s a foundation for great company culture and continues to inspire. Be kind and thoughtful and you’ll make the world a better place. 🙂