It’s June, seriously.

Christmas couldn’t come around any faster. I swear the world turns twice as fast as it used to as I’m getting older. But this post isn’t about what client gifts you should give at Christmas time, well it is, but it’s also about why you shouldn’t give them at Christmas time.

I have to be honest, Christmas gifts are my favourite, I love all the traditional Christmas flavours like ginger and brandy so I completely understand if this post is against your inner holiday spirit. I’m with you!

But (there’s always a but) your marketing dollars might be better spent gifting at another time of year. It’s easy for our holiday gifts to get lost amongst the other gifts people receive during the giving season. Which means you need to up the anti on your gift for your thank you to stand out or you could simply send your gifts at a different time.

I know that deep down your client gifting isn’t about giving to get something in return, it’s to show your gratitude for their continued support and you appreciate their business. Sometimes for the financials to make sense it’s really worthwhile keeping an eye on your return on investment.

Gift-Giving Tips to maximum ROI

  1. Avoid giving gifts at Christmas time. It’s ok not to give at Christmas time, stand out from the pack in a “just because” moment. You could make it a time that better suits your business, a quite time when you can focus on follow up’s with your clients or perhaps hand deliveries.
  2. Skip the logo’d promo pens. Try to avoid too many promotional items in your gift, you want it to be about them and not about you. Tacky promotional pens generally end up floating around in a handbag, or worse in the bin.
  3. Thoughtfulness isn’t an event. Being thoughtful at a different time of year, to say Christmas, shows appreciation when they need it most. Like after they’ve referred you to their friends or a special time in your relationship like a client anniversary.
  4. Take time and choose right. Choose the right gift that’s appropriate for them, that means getting to know your client on a more personal level. If you’re not sure how to do this or what’s on trend reach out to a company like Gladys Mack who can help.
  5. Don’t forget it’s about the relationship. Remember gifting is about building the relationship, showing appreciation and you care, gifting from your business is part of a bigger picture so make it count.

Just a different view on the traditional Christmas gift. Helping you give better.