An abandoned timber mill in Bulli on NSW South Coast has been transformed into home for an eclectic mix of creators and makers…. now including us!

One of the Illawarra’s only creative hubs, the Timbermill Studios was established in 2013 to provide local artists with a place to create incorporating a handful of different creatives like industrial and graphic designers, surfboard shaping, painters, sculptures and candle makers. An exciting complex with a real collaborative environment, the Gong was screaming out for a hub like this.

Much like co-working office space that seems to be a growing trend for start-ups in city locations, the Timbermill Studios provides the same feel but with a more industrial, you can get your hands dirty approach. With future plans to build a coffee shop and art gallery space the hub is only going to get more attraction.

Earlier 2013, Gunter and Pamela Grafenauer closed their doors to the sawmill operation after owning it since 1975. Previous to this, the sawmill was owned by the Molloy family who operated a steam-driven since early 1900’s seeing the sawmill building as iconic in the history of NSW South Coast. Gunter was a craftsman, a maker of all things wood, seems fitting that the building will be used for a creative purpose.

Gladys Mack officially moves in this September, in line with the launch of our gift box company. We’re looking forward to meeting our neighbours and mixing with like-minded businesses, which is the most exciting thing about the move. It’s going to be a great place to hold workshops and collaborative events in the near future.

Photo by @chris_frape_photo