We all know that Dad, or men in general are SO hard to buy for. We did a little post last year about this topic. They buy what they want or if they don’t it’s because it’s so out of reach in the budget, and some Dad’s literally don’t want anything. They’re content. It makes it HARD.

Anywho. Gladys has a round up of gift ideas for your Daddy-o, partner, husband – you know that man in your life.

Here’s the gift boxes we think will rock his world this Father’s Day:

Handsomely Gift Box

As the name states, it’s a gift box full of handsome products. He’ll stay organised with a journal and leather catch-all tray on his desk or side table, be content with some bean-to-bar chocolate, keep his feet warm with a stylish pair of Fog Linen Work Wool + Linen Socks and of course a bit of entertainment with Misc Goods Playing Cards.

Upscale this box with a bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon, he’ll love it.

Man Essentials Gift Box

Again, as the name states, essential products for any man! Keep him clean with Therapy Man Hair & Body Wash – Sandalwood (mmm), a new gym or beach towel for the car no doubt he needs one of those, he can write his daily notes in a trusty journal and play a stylish game of solitaire whilst munching on some choccies. See essentials!

Again, you can upscale his box with a bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon if you’re man’s into that.

Take Some Downtime Gift Box

This box is more about literally taking some downtime, maybe he’s been overworking and just needs an afternoon to himself with a coffee, a paper and afternoon sunlight. That’s what this box is for. All the things he’d like to do, a little bit of quiet time to himself.

A gesture to remind him to take a load off on a day that’s just for him.

Get a closer look at this product by watching our video here –> VIDEO

The Nomad Bundle Gift Box

Is he a traveller? This one might come in handy. A small scale bundle of products for the wanderers. The Aromatherapy Co. Gift Set has the essentials he’ll need whilst travelling, throw in a towel and of course can’t forget the cards for camping trips and late nights with friends.

We actually designed this gift box for Groomsmen going on destination weddings, but would also make a nice little bundle for your travelling man.

Original Man Gift Box

We’ve still got a few of these gift boxes in stock, similar to the Man Essentials Gift Box, however includes a denim blue hue of products and of course this AWESOME key chain. My man he swears by this product, that’s why I included it, the leather is so soft and perfect for a few keys hanging from a belt loop.

You can upscale this gift box with Hudson Baby Bourbon too. 🙂

Gift Hamper for Men