Recently inspired by the “gift wrap” pins we’ve found using fabric to wrap gifts (see our board Gift Wrap, Ribbons & Cards) we thought we would explore the traditional cloth wrap, Furoshiki.

Furoshiki is a type of Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to wrap clothes whilst bathing at the local Onsen. Furoshiki has a very distinctive style reflecting cultural beauty and design, a detailed approach to everyday living. It’s considered an eco-friendly wrap that can be used in lieu of plastic bags in Japan.

Whilst we love gift wrap, using fabrics to wrap gifts embraces “reuse, recycle” – better for our environment. The Furoshiki cloth can be reused for so many purposes like wrapping another gift, shopping bag, table cloth or scarf. A thoughtful gesture as a gift wrap.

Where to find Furoshiki for Gift Wrap?

With the Furoshiki revival, artisans around the world are creating beautiful designs, like Etsy sellers The Link Collective offer contemporary designs. But if you’re lucky enough to get a trip to Japan, you can head the back streets of Tokyo’s Harajuku district to find Musubi. A store that specialises in Furoshiki with bright and curious designs.

Need help folding your Furoshiki?

There are some great online tutorials here and here and here.

It’s actually really simple, so long as you have a square piece of fabric you can wrap anything with this technique.

Absolutely inspired we got crafting in the studio, fabric (particularly linen) is a beautiful material to work with. We decided to keep it simple with pure linen in off-white and add texture with foliage.

But you can use any type of fabric like vintage scarves, fabric off-cuts or dye your own Shibori fabric for a traditional yet contemporary look.

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