All good things come in wooden packages.

Our Coming Home Gift Box is a curation of the finest products to make that feeling of coming home all the more sweeter.

Hand wash infused with natural essential oils of wild rose and vetiver, olive cotton hand towel, aroma of wild mint and bergamot candle combined with flavours of citrus through cacao chocolate and the perfect place to jot reminders on a decedent notebook.

The perfect gift for new home-owners, couples, families or birthdays.

What’s in the box?

The Aromatherapy Co. Wild Rose & Vetiver Hand Wash

Blended with 100% pure and natural essential oils of wild rose and vetiver, this hand and body wash is infused with nourishing honey to cleanse and purify the skin. 

Olive Peshtamel Hand Towel

Made from 100% natural cotton, this olive hand towel has been produced on hand-woven looms in Turkey. Perfect for everyday use in the bathroom or kitchen. 

Wild Mint & Bergamot Candle

Hand poured on the Coal Coast NSW, this candle carries a wild Mint and Bergamot scent in-cased by an earthy clay vessel dipped in white glaze inspired by Minoyaki – Japanese pottery. 40 hour burn time. 

Bahen & Co. Madagascar Chocolate Bar

Established in Sambirano Valley in 1920’s this rare heirloom farm produces lively chocolate of citrus, run and raisin flavours. 70% Cacao chocolate bar, handmade in Perth.

Huddle & Co. Recycled Notebook

This decedent notebook is handmade using recycled paper and card, combined with copper staples makes the perfect place to jot reminders.

Signature Gladys Mack Wooden Gift Box

Our wooden boxes handmade by craftsmen on the Coal Coast in New South Wales, perfect for treasured keepsakes and mementos.

Gift Hamper

Gift Hamper

Gift Hamper