No-one said life was easy, and no-one said life was fair.

Every day we leave the house with a fairly good idea of what the day will bring. And at times those days can seem overwhelming. Juggling children, work, personal goals and relationships, it’s not easy to allocate the “appropriate” time to everything you want to do and do it all with the least amount of stress.

So that’s why I think it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind in life. The fact that people are passing you by and that you aren’t achieving everything that you set out to or your goals are getting further and far away from happening. You feel you’re not doing enough to reach them. And that restlessness is not easy to handle. You want to do better or more, and you don’t know where to begin or what needs be done, or if you should do anything. These are all general feelings that paralyze us into a panic about our lives.

There’s a few things to think about here.

You can’t control everything. You might wake up at 5 a.m. every day until you’re broken, but if the words or the ideas or the paintings don’t want to come to life, they won’t. You may show up every day to be your best and achieve those goals but if it’s not the time, then it’s just not the time. You need to let yourself be a human being.

Be realistic. Sure it is good to have lofty expectations. But you can’t lie to yourself. You and you alone knows your capability. I’m not trying to say don’t push yourself, but don’t put yourself in a position where you’ve set unrealistic goals. Self sabotage comes to mind. Be nice to yourself. Be true to yourself, and you will accomplish a lot more in the long run. Life isn’t a sprint, but a marathon.

What you need is less shame around the idea that you’re not doing your best. Stop beating yourself up in an attempt to keep up with others. Half the time it’s a smoke screen. You should stop paying attention to those who are in vastly different life situations and life stages because the lessons you learn today will make you who you are tomorrow.

We need to understand that sometimes you need just to let it be and let the world turn.

Note to self: Do not give up.