Not all chocolate is created equally.

There is many reasons why we love chocolate, it’s rich, creamy, sweet, more-ish, at times your best friend and would you believe it chocolate is good for you!

Now I’ve seen so many articles claiming the health benefits of chocolate, I’m not going to bore you with the details like it could prevent a heart-attack or decrease your chances of a stroke. I mean, these are obviously good things for you, but so will exercising and eating your greens. My thoughts are chocolate is only good for you, if you choose the right chocolate.

The right chocolate, and by that I mean, the really good stuff. Not the stuff you find in a typical chocolate egg you find in a grocery store. The chocolate that might cost you a little more to buy, but is in it’s most pure form. Gladys Mack is all about quality over quantity, small batch goods that have been made with all killer, no filler.

Like anything not all chocolate is created equally. Let me educate you on the concept of bean to bar chocolate. You’ve probably heard the term, and like coffee it does have an acquired taste but once that taste is acquired you just won’t go back. They call this type of chocolate the craft beer of the chocolate world.

Bean to bar chocolate is basically made of two ingredients, cacao beans and sugar. The better the quality of the cacao beans, the more complex and flavourful the chocolate. Large scale chocolate manufacturers due to their need to produce commercial quantities often use low quality cacao beans with ‘other’ ingredients like soy, butter and vanilla. Most chocolate bought in a typical grocery store contains very little cacao, which should be the predominant ingredient in chocolate. Weird.

According to the experts… the more the cacao beans are processed, the more nutrition is lost through the process. The fewer the ingredients in a chocolate bar, the better it is for you. Over 65% cacao is recommended.

Gladys Mack has the pleasure of being a stockist of Bahen & Co Chocolate Makers, which all chocolate bars we stock contain 70% or more cacao. So I’ve had the chance to work my taste-buds on more bars that I probably should, and know more about chocolate than ever before.

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If you’re looking to indulge yourself this Easter in some mighty fine bean to bar chocolate, the people at Bean Bar You have created a list of bean to bar chocolate makers located in Australia. There’s over 25 to choose from located all around Australia, so get hopping.