Christmas is here! My favourite time of year, the summer sun, the food and catching up with the people I enjoy the most. It also means that I get to give gifts. I love giving gifts (that’s probably why I started a gift box company) and I get to play around with fun things like this, making my own wreaths.

Inspired by so many blog posts and images floating on Pinterest, I decided to make mini Christmas Wreath for our Holiday Morning Gift Box. I thought I would write a blog post myself tell you how I did it to hopefully inspire you to create something that will make your Christmas even more beautiful.

These wreaths can be used as gift toppers, on doors, tree decorations or give as a thoughtful gesture – I’m thinking teachers gifts would be nice if you’ve got the time.

What you need?

  • Grapevine (fresh)
  • Florist Wire
  • Foliage, I used various dried foliage as it will last through the coming months. Gum leaves work well too.
  • Velvet Ribbon or Leather

How I did it?

I went a little further than your typical wreath making tutorial you’ll see online, I actually made my own base for the wreath from fresh grapevine. I bought the grapevine from Sydney Flower Markets, which I know probably isn’t so practical for the DIYer but it is a fun morning out if you get the chance. Otherwise you can buy ready made dried wreath from florist supply store or Etsy. Or you can simply make the wreath from any round item like embroidery ring (see cool tutorial) or make a ring from florist wire.

Tip – Guide to Sydney Flower Markets

Unravel the grapevine immediately once home, note that it starts to dry really quickly so  if you don’t have time to make them when you get home you can put the grapevine in water to keep it supple for another day.

I curved the grapevine into a circle and used any loose pieces to thread through and bind around the main cluster of grapevine.

Cut a piece of thick florist wire, this one was already coiled which made a simple circle. These wreaths I’m making are 4-5 inches diameter, but you can make any size you like. Thread the florist wire through the back of the wreath, this gives the wreath a little more strength and the ability to bend the wreath into a circular shape if it becomes too oval for your liking.

Dry your grapevine wreath by hanging a hook or rope in a dry place for a few days, it may take up to a week to dry.

DIY Christmas Wreath

You don’t have to wait until it was completely dry to decorate, I waited about a day, it was strong enough by this time to start threading the foliage through without unravelling the vine.

DIY Christmas Gift Wreath

I collected this foliage again from Sydney Flower Markets, it’s fun to chat with the growers and ask what foliage is suitable for drying. It’s important to use foliage that will not go too brittle when dry otherwise the wreath will fall apart.

DIY Christmas Gift Wreath

Using the foliage I thread the leaves and florals through coils of the wreath. I collated details on the bottom of the wreath towards one side and attached these with florist wire. If you’re having trouble you can use florist wire to attach any foliage, it works well.

DIY Christmas Gift Wreath

DIY Christmas Gift Wreath

Once styled to my liking, I attached velvet grey ribbon to the top, you could use anything or not bother at all, a wreath can simply hang on a hook as it is.

DIY Christmas Gift Wreath

DIY Christmas Gift Wreath

And there you have a mini Christmas wreath everyone will love.