There’s nothing like a little win, but often it’s the little loss that gets all your attention. It seems it’s easier for us to dwell on our bad luck than to crack a bottle of bubbly for the good.

I find it a very strange human thing, why would we want to focus on the bad stuff and not on the good? Whether in life or business it seems part of the human makeup is to naturally see the problems and punish ourselves or someone else. A change in mindset to celebrate the wins and learn from the mistakes seems obvious but it can be harder than you think.

Often the things that need to be celebrated are overlooked. Why? Because in today’s society we’re moving at such a fast pace that both at home and at work we’re simply already onto the next challenge or goal we’ve quickly forgotten about the goal we just achieved. We just simply don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses – which can smell so damn good.

By not taking this time, or remembering to, we’re often left just focusing on the problems we face to take on the next challenge. You can never end up feeling like you’ve achieved anything. With this frame of mind it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and in some cases eventually give up. You find yourself continually in battle mode against your problems and sometimes yourself.

Acknowledge Your Team

In business celebrating the wins, the small wins, makes a difference to the ongoing success of goals and outcomes. A winning team is often full of high achievers, people who are driven by achievements so celebrating the right things can reinforce that winning behaviour.

Appreciation and recognition of the small achievements breed a team of people addicted to progression. Knowing that they are doing the right things to work towards the team’s goal, will only make people feel good about the work they’re doing and work harder to make the small wins happen.

At Home

The same can be applied at home. I’m sure all of you who have children can relate, congratulating achievements like your child helping out around the house, or learning a new skill, or simply just doing their homework. By celebrating these small wins they naturally do the right thing again and again. When you think about it, you probably do it unintentionally. The key is to not always focus on the things your kids aren’t doing, and turn your focus to the things they ARE doing. It’s easier said than done.


Applying this mentality to yourself is the hardest. People can be their own worst critic because it’s so easy to judge yourself and compare yourself to others. It can also seem absolutely ridiculous to reward yourself for your own achievement – but it matters.

Think about a to-do list. We write them to stay organised, right? But really they’re like a little reward. That feeling of crossing things off your to-do list. You feel like you’ve progressed further in your tasks for the day, week, month, year and this is getting you a little closer towards your goals.

That’s where the term – happy dance – comes in, haha.

It might feel silly to sit there in front of your computer jiggling side to side with your hands up in the air, when say, you finally pass that exam or clear your inbox out. It’s a way to keep a positive mind and remind yourself that you’re doing a good thing.

However, whilst a happy dance may be hilarious. I do think taking the time out to get a massage, weekend away or simply just taking a day off to do the things you love may work a little better – don’t you think? haha.

Successful habits equal success. Adapting to new routines by acknowledging the small wins whether for yourself at work or home, or whether with other people like your team or family. Rewards to reinforce positive actions mean you spend more time focusing on the positive outcomes and is the answer a happier more successful life.