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Meet the Maker: Addition Studio

Addition Studio - Gladys Mack Gifts

Formed in 2010, Addition Studio create functional artworks and objects for the home and studio. We were particularly drawn to their new Australian Native Ritual Collection of designer wellness products. Addition Studio believe you can create a calm, healthy and creative existence by performing daily rituals which nourish your mind and body. All their objects […]

Wild Rumpus x Gladys Mack Workshop

Self Care Workshop

Gladys Mack studios bringing gifts to life! Gifts for yourself that is. In collaboration with our friends from Wild Rumpus we’ll be bringing you a self-care workshop in our studio. Too excited to say the least. We want our studio to be an interactive place that let’s people be creative and of course go shopping, workshops […]

Meet the Maker: McCrea’s Candies

Small batch Boston based caramel maker, the best caramels you’ve ever tasted. With a background in chemistry, Jason McCrea cooked his first batch of caramel in his home kitchen. Now McCrea’s Candies is newly becoming a go-to for luxury gourmet treats enjoyed by a tribe of American’s and shortly all of you my favourite Gladys Mack […]

Meet the Maker: Ms Peacock [Interview]

Chocolate is her romance. With the launch of our new Let’s Celebrate Gift Box I introduce you to the mouth-watering and mysterious Ms Peacock Fine Chocolates. Ms Peacock, a pastry chef and chocolatier and better known as your alter ego; the chocaholic in all of us. Her chocolates are divine, some of the best I’ve […]

Meet the Maker: Mayde Tea

Mayde Tea - 2

Harmony in a tea cup. Organic herbal teas in the purist form. Mayde Tea uses words like harmony with your body, without chemicals or pesticides and locally sourced to describe their products. I was instantly intrigued. A creation by an aspiring naturopath Kate Dalton on the sunny shores of Byron Bay. Kate has used her knowledge of […]

It’s ok to devour chocolate this Easter. Here’s why.

Gladys Mack Bean to Bar Chocolate

Not all chocolate is created equally. There is many reasons why we love chocolate, it’s rich, creamy, sweet, more-ish, at times your best friend and would you believe it chocolate is good for you! Now I’ve seen so many articles claiming the health benefits of chocolate, I’m not going to bore you with the details like it […]

Meet the Maker: Rooftop Honey

Who doesn’t love honey!? But you know what makes honey even better? Honey that helps bees! A couple of Beekeepers from Melbourne have made it their mission to not only help bees but help the environment. Melbourne City Rooftop Honey are bringing bees back to the streets of Melbourne in an effort to save the honey bee. […]

Meet the Maker: Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals

A natural product in a luxury package and feels damn good. We are so privileged that such a unique and well respected brand was happy to partner with Gladys Mack and give her gifts a beautiful boost. Herbivore Botanicals started as an Etsy store in 2011 by husband and wife team, Julia and Alex crafting […]