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Wellness: The Australian Beauty

Australian Beauty Gift Box - Gladys Mack

The texture and warmth of our Australian land, what could be more beautiful? This has been our inspiration for our new Australian Beauty Gift Box designed for wellbeing and a feeling of self-worth. Organic woody earth tones coupled with the purest of whites and brushed brass hues make for an uplifting and decadent gifting experience. […]

A discovery of Gifted Women

Relaxation Spa Gift Box

Our Relaxation Spa Gift Box meets Gifted Women. Just in time for Christmas, Britta and Tina a graphic design duo from The Luxe Co. have been working hard to put together their discovery of gifted women. With 18 years working in print with Australia’s best known magazines they wanted to use these skills to showcase […]

Collaboration: MIA x Gladys Mack

Gladys Mack x MIA Cards

Not long after opening our studio we happened to meet a lovely and talented lady, Mia aka Missing in Action_ Mia’s known for her pop-of-colour playful fabric designs featured at Finders Keepers Markets last year in Sydney. We love the way she’s able to use colour and design to make her fabrics really stand out […]

The Pay It Forward movement, how can you get involved?

A ripple effect of kindness. Pay it Forward; is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. Wikipedia  In other words, don’t pay back to me, pay it forward to someone else. Better known in USA, and made famous by the film Pay It Forward starring Kevin Spacey […]

A personal wrap on our Mother’s Day Giveaway

Gift Hamper for Women

Grab the tissues, you’re going to need them. If you follow Gladys on social media, like Instagram or Facebook (thank you, by the way) you would know that we recently ran a campaign for our fans to win a Gladys Mack Gift Box for their mother on Mother’s Day. The conditions of entry were simple, […]

Linen. Sustainable, durable and beautiful.

Down to the very last thread. At Gladys we’re passionate about the goods you give, down to the very last thread, so let’s take a look into linen. You’ll find linen goods in different gift boxes throughout our store, notably our linen kitchen towels which have been handmade by the very talented Christine from Thou […]

It’s ok to devour chocolate this Easter. Here’s why.

Gladys Mack Bean to Bar Chocolate

Not all chocolate is created equally. There is many reasons why we love chocolate, it’s rich, creamy, sweet, more-ish, at times your best friend and would you believe it chocolate is good for you! Now I’ve seen so many articles claiming the health benefits of chocolate, I’m not going to bore you with the details like it […]