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Ever had a Staycation? New gifts for her are here.

Staycation Luxe Gift Box - Gladys Mack

A fresh look at our women’s range of gift boxes, with all the products you love but with a new enhanced flavour. We’ve incorporated new products like our new range of Gladys Mack candles, a few luxury products from Addition Studio and of course your go-to favourite brands like Herbivore Botanicals. A staycation is when […]

Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for them.

Self care, something we don’t talk enough about. Some may say an indulgent phrase but self care is something most of us don’t do enough of. You know those days when you’ve got meetings back to back, kids to pick up from school to drop off at soccer, or those networking nights that you just […]

Take a moment and enjoy your everyday rituals.

Friday Forage

There are 4 things in life. If I could find the time to do coffee, flowers, cuddles and books every day or week I’d be a happy lady. Sometimes we take the simple things for granted like our weekend (or weekday) rituals, they are a beautiful thing. This post is about taking time to actually […]

Keep your keepsakes in our timber boxes.

Gladys Mack - Keepsake Box 7

There’s some treasures you just want to keep forever. A keepsake box or memory box is a bit like a time capsule. You put things in along life’s way and one day you open the box and you reminisce for hours over those times. Those little things that you just couldn’t throw away. We’ve all […]

Ever feel like you’re falling behind in life? It’s ok.

Gladys Mack - Self Love

No-one said life was easy, and no-one said life was fair. Every day we leave the house with a fairly good idea of what the day will bring. And at times those days can seem overwhelming. Juggling children, work, personal goals and relationships, it’s not easy to allocate the “appropriate” time to everything you want […]

Ways to practice gratitude at work.

What are you grateful for? Practicing the art of gratitude is something we generally don’t think about in business. Gratitude is often thought of something in our personal life, at home with the children or our better half. As you all know a positive company culture can boost productivity for yourself and for your team […]

A personal wrap on our Mother’s Day Giveaway

Gift Hamper for Women

Grab the tissues, you’re going to need them. If you follow Gladys on social media, like Instagram or Facebook (thank you, by the way) you would know that we recently ran a campaign for our fans to win a Gladys Mack Gift Box for their mother on Mother’s Day. The conditions of entry were simple, […]

The daily habits that can make you happier.

Gladys Mack Happier Person

Happiness is probably the one thing that every one of us desires most. Many things we do every day, however, do not make us happy. What we need are habits that will encourage and reinforce good feelings within us. Here are a few habits, we can all adopt. Hobbies: Doing something you enjoy can make […]