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Are your settlement gifts really working for you?

Settlement Gifts

We conducted a survey of people who have bought, sold and built property over the past 10 years in Australia. We wanted to really understand what’s happening in the ‘settlement gift’ market and understand if agents hitting the mark with their settlement gifts. Settlement gifts make up a substantial amount of marketing dollar spend for […]

How to make corporate gifting part of your marketing strategy?

Corporate gift giving is a marketing strategy that has been used by companies for decades. Showing a company’s appreciation with a gift to their clients, employees and prospects generally achieves an outcome of some description, however to often corporate gifting is done by company’s without any particular strategy at all. We’ve put together some strategies […]

Huh? Holiday gift giving tips for business, in June?

Gladys Mack - Holiday Gift Giving June (1)

It’s June, seriously. Christmas couldn’t come around any faster. I swear the world turns twice as fast as it used to as I’m getting older. But this post isn’t about what client gifts you should give at Christmas time, well it is, but it’s also about why you shouldn’t give them at Christmas time. I have […]

How to choose the right promo gear for your next trade show?

Gladys Mack - Trade Show Promo

Not another stress-ball, please. Giving away promotional items is generally essential at any conference, I mean, that’s what the market hall is for right? There are some attendees who are just lining up to fill their promo bags with pens, stress-balls, bouncy things, and although I haven’t been to a conference for a while I’m […]

Are you going to give your employees cash or recognition this EOFY?

Gladys Mack - Employee Recognition

At this time of year it’s tough going for most employees. By now they are budgeting, planning and servicing their clients who are doing the same and scrambling to earn as many sales as they can as the financial year quickly comes to a close. It’s a stressful time. End of financial year is a […]

Ways to practice gratitude at work.

What are you grateful for? Practicing the art of gratitude is something we generally don’t think about in business. Gratitude is often thought of something in our personal life, at home with the children or our better half. As you all know a positive company culture can boost productivity for yourself and for your team […]

Offline marketing strategies that still work.

Snail mail never left. Marketing is all about telling people about why they should come to you and not someone else for that something that you’re selling. Wow that’s a mouthful. Leads, customers, pipelines, funnels combined with tweets, push notifications, fan pages it all just gets a bit too much. Whatever happened to junk mail, […]