Self care, something we don’t talk enough about.

Some may say an indulgent phrase but self care is something most of us don’t do enough of. You know those days when you’ve got meetings back to back, kids to pick up from school to drop off at soccer, or those networking nights that you just can’t miss because you missed the last one and the one before that. Those days you skip lunch and sometimes dinner and the gym – what – what’s that?

When we’re living our busy lives we tend to let ourselves down physically, emotionally and spiritually. We’re just too busy. How did we get there? Who knows. It’s a vicious rollercoaster of bad habits that cause us weight gain, stress, anxiety and tiredness. I’m feeling tired just writing this sentence.

Ok now stop. You’ve stopped to read this post. Take a deep breath. Smile. Feel better?

At Gladys we’re all about caring and giving and looking after your loved ones. But what about you?

So what is self-care?

It’s the behaviours and activities you do that have a positive effect on your health physically, mentally and spiritually. You might think I’m talking about taking the occasional yoga class – umm yes you can do that – but I’m also talking about your day to day activities like taking a shower, walking your dog or eating lunch. Yes you need to remember to do those things, these are behaviours or activities that encompass self-care.

We often focus so much on other people in our lives be it kids, partners, employees, managers, putting their needs first setting aside our own not understanding the damage that it’s doing to us in the meantime.

Your self care can be broken up into three main categories, like I’ve mentioned above physical, emotional and spiritual. Think like this:

Physical is activities like eating the right foods, doing exercise, getting a good nights sleep and going to the doctors for check up’s like the dentist (omg no), pap smears (yes I went there) aches and pains that kind of thing. All the stuff that seems like a drag to most of the population.

Emotional caring is about managing your mental health. That emotional rollercoaster. Resting and recharging your brain. Clearing your head from negative thoughts. It could mean catching up with friends to vent about your issues or perhaps seeing a life coach. Spending time with your partner to just be – in love isn’t a bad idea either.

Spiritual self care are activities that make you feel in touch with yourself, like volunteering, giving back, practicing gratitude, mediation, yoga, mindfulness. It could be as basic as just going for a bush walk on your own to get in touch with nature. Activities that are good for the soul.

So the why? There are so many reasons but here’s a few.

When you’re running the race too hard you can find yourself at a point where you can’t do anymore – that’s called giving up. Looking after yourself stops you from getting to that point.

ARGH stress, there’s nothing worse than being stressed out. And stressed out people are generally not very nice people either. Be a nicer person to your parents, kids, family friends by looking out for number one. They’ll love you more for it.

You’ll be smarter and more productive. By taking care of your physically and mental health you’ll be able to focus, you’re not stressed, you’re not tired, you’re not hungry so of course you’ll be able to perform better than you would otherwise.

And my final point! It increases your sense of self-love! Often accepting who you are and loving yourself can be the biggest roadblock you face in life. If you’re happy with yourself you’ll be a happy person.


Learn more about our Self Care Workshop, your later self will thank you for it.