Everyone has a story. Our story is our unique DNA, and sometimes we like to share our story with others – it brings us closer together. You can create a memorable gift that tells your story, something people will remember you by. It might be the story of that year, or your whole life story – or if a business it could be a story about how you got to where you are today.

People like stories. Stories told through gifts make everything seem so much more meaningful.

Here’s a few tips in creating your own signature gift.

Be versatile.

You want to be able to share this gift with anyone and everyone, consider age, sex, gender. It can seem a little tricky but versatile gifts like food products or stationery are a go-to choice. So consider coffee beans from your favourite cafe, or pens you just LOVE to write with (pens are awesome btw) – things that anyone can use. These gifts are also great for couples, when you keep it versatile your gifting goals are endless.

Pick your favourite must-haves.

By choosing the things you absolutely adore, you’re excitement to give the gift oozing from you which has a lasting impact. The person you’re giving the gift to feels like they are truely sharing a moment with you as you tell them all about why you love the particular items you have chosen. It’s like when you take your new partner to the town you grew up in, as you drive past certain buildings and places you tell stories and recall memories you share with them along the way. It’s just nice.

Mix it up.

If you’re thinking of a signature gift for everyone, mix it up a little. Each year or time you give a gift to a particular person maybe add a few new things as your story is evolving. You can change the gifts but keep it the same – same, same but different. Use the same type of box for your gift, or similar items just different brands you’ve newly discovered.

Soon people will be dying to see what you’re giving them this birthday, knowing your signature style.

Need a little help curating your signature gift? Gladys Mack can help, we’d love to… email me.

P.S The featured photo was found on Lay Baby Lay blog, a great tutorial for hand painting your own custom gift wrap – perhaps one crafternoon. 🙂