Have you ever wondered why some people are more generous than others? In this post I’ll let you in on their little secret, why do people give and why should you?

1/ To be a happier human

According to research (somewhere) giving has a similar effect on the brain to having sex or eating chocolate like a little naughty pleasure (actually I think they made it up but you get my drift). There’s something a little selfish about buying gifts for others, it sounds a little daft but really people often feel happier being the one to give the gift than they do to receive. It’s about doing something for someone else that brings out happier human feelings that are good for the soul.

So does that mean money can really buy happiness..? 🙂 I guess it does, but only if you’re spending it on someone else…

2/ To make others happy

When we love someone so much we just want them to be happy, right? Yes! If it means showering them with gifts when they are feeling down, or just cooking them a nice meal. When you do something for someone from the heart it makes them happy. We say, giving them the perfect gift can really do that. It’s that look of surprise, or OMG moment you shouldn’t have – means they really really like it.

3/ To mark a milestone moment

YOLO, yes, I said it. You only live once. Like you only have a 30th birthday once or you get married once (well…) it’s so important to mark those milestone moments. It creates memories. Makes a big deal out of something that should be a big deal – even if the person doesn’t want to celebrate it – like Mum on her 60th.

The long and the short of it. Mum didn’t want to celebrate her 60th. I told her she’d regret it (only 60 once). She caved. We had a dinner party. Smiles for miles. Hugs. Kisses. So much love in the room. I told you so. Lol.

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings you name it, all those events we go to or celebrate in our lives are special ones. Make them count.

4/ To give thanks


The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

Gratitude makes us a nicer person, boosts emotions and is all round just good. Saying thanks to someone who has done something for you deepens your relationships, helps you make new pals and can even improve your marriage.

5/ To make someone feel important

Making people feel important, is important. Everyone wants to feel loved and valued, whether they are your client or your wife or husband. Giving gifts at times just because reminds them that they are important to you. They are worthy of such gift and shows your appreciation of the relationship.